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                                                                MARACATU - PERNAMBUCO


List of all nations currently active, more clearly organizing options for helping each.

The objective of this initiative is to highlight the need for real support through

donations and immediate sales *.

We are a family owned and operated business.

"We want to establish this network of valorization for them, in this moment of worldwide paralysis of prevention and self-care.

Shall we give them back a little of what we have been given so generously?

Just contribute if possible, with as little as possible, and boost this campaign.

* obs .: the sending of goods must be made from the second semester onwards, with a deadline to be agreed, according to the national scenario.

Let's do this as the BAQUE CANNOT STOP! "

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                                                                DANçAS AFRO - SALVADOR - BAHIA

                                                                 NOIX COLETIVO

a solidary emergency action,

for dance lovers, in Bahia

and in the world.

Dance this cause and make your donations.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Beginning of activities: from April 29, at 7 pm.

Information on Instagram: @noixcoletivo.

"Come with Noix!"

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                                                            ESTUDIO DE DANçA

                                                        REALENGO - RIO DE  JANEIRO

Vania Reis, teacher and choreographer,

since March 13th with his studio with closed doors.

In the month of celebration of 30 years, the current challenge of sustaining the costs of this organization is what weighs and unfortunately takes up the space it would be to celebrate!

"Value the Dance Studios and please, support the campaign!"


      Globally connected - support for groups in Recife/Olinda -  Brazil


A small collective of Carnival-inspired folks have decided to fundraise for projects we are aware of working in communities in Brazil. These include principally a number of the Maracatu Nações in Recife; money raised here will be divided between the communities connected to various Maracatus & Community Groups, namely Maracatu Almirante Do Forte, Maracatu Baque Forte & Maracatu Leão Coroado - Baque Virado.

All money raised will be spent on essential products such as food and hygiene products to help families who are struggling at this difficult time. Due to the current extremely high exchange rate, just a small amount of £ or € goes a very long way in Brazil right now.

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