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Brasil cultural comes with a different proposal towards the dissemination of Brazilian culture! In partnership with Gandaia Arts (UK), this week we start a new set of LIVES on Thursdays, related directly to the subjects that will be taught by Mariana Pinho @ZOOM on the following Saturdays, dance sessions that have the funds shared with a Project or organization that has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemia.

On its first week, the North of Brazil is given the spotlight to present the history and own references as the interviewers share their own experiences.

Featuring the more than precious guests:

* Vanessa Gabriel Robinson - from Amapá. Former journalist, she managed a series of cultural projects in the Amazon area and after many UK/Brazil and beyond bridging projects at British Council, shecurrently work as Senior Project Officer at the Greater London Authority.

* Wellington Dias - From Amapá. The face and heart of Tecnobarca, an Art Studio/Gallery on a boat that for the last two months has been dedicated to the distribution of health and personal higiene items to the communities surrounding the Bailique Archipelago in Amapá.

* Camila Cabeça - From Belém do Para. Dancer, researcher and creator of the method “ Carimbo to the awakening of the body”. Camila will share her experience and wide knowledge on carimbo and folklore from the North of Brazil.

* Dj Mam - From Rio de Janeiro.

Dj, singer, producer of many endeavours, including “Demarcação Já Festival ( on-line festival raising the indigenous issues for their right to have their land protected).

* Silvan Galvão - From Para.

He is the driving force behind Carimbloco, a project that has brought all flavours of Carimbo to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and also organizes cultural tourism programs for those interested to get a in depth experience with masters and Para’s nature!

All this goodness was LIVE on www.facebook/

Click the image below to watch an almost 3 hours session!!!



Mariana Pinho starts her 2nd batch of dance sessions after 5 initial classes that helped 5 different organizations and people in Rio, Bahia and Pernambuco. With students from all corners of the world including: Brazil, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, UK, France and Sweden.

This session will be about Carimbo, so expect a lot of flair, flow and skirt manipulation!

At 10:00 Brasilia Time Zone

14:00 London Time Zone

R$40,00 - £8 per person

90 minutes session

Sharing funds with Tecnobarca

To book please fill the form here.

Please check the videos and links of artists that were passed by our interview guests below, also available on our YOUTUBE Channel and SPOTIFY PLAYLIST !