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A project of social impact and waste reduction towards a

 more sustainable Carnival!

 The idea comes from the trash! From the need of looking to the massive amount of costumes and props newly made and directly disposed ( after being used for a few hours after the parade of the Samba Schools of the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro) that are quickly collected, thrown into a truck that squashes and are then transported to the landfill of Caju ( Cashew), without any chance of being  repurposed, due to the urgency of the are of dispersion be cleared up so the next school can arrive, and repeat the same scene!




A hard work made by the more than competent team that are in charge of not only this are but the whole Sambadrome and surroundings spaces, but we do believe in the potential of turning this scene around into something that will decrease the amount of waste and will give impulse toa series of activities, programs and products.



 Our purpose starts on promoting the collection of all this material in a organised and selective manner. The idea is to work with a team of specialised professionals from the arts sector and members of the local community  ( Praca Onze area) trained to collect and select - organising all the material and place it on our trucks available at the dispersion zone of the Sambadrome - Marques de Sapucai of Rio de Janeiro, in all 5 days of carnival ( 2 days of Access Group , 2 days of Special group and Champions Parade).


 It is in fact the transformation of the current practice, where the costumes are directed straight into Comlurb’s trucks, without any treatment and even less a recycling proposal and respect towards the environment, where unfortunately the destiny is the landfill that certainly causes a huge negative impact to its local community of Caju and to the nature as most ( if not all) materials used on these costumes are non recyclable, unless in a way where we use the materials through the creation of new products and re sale , which is our aim.



 Giving chance to specialised professionals to share their own experiences through interchange programs with artists from other countries, the project exists towards the bridging of different visions under the same theme: Carnaval!

Through funding and sponsorships for cultural tourism and research and development, we shall welcome foreigners that have this practice and wants to develop along with our proposal: An example is Bordando por la Memória ( Embroidering for the memory) by Jimena Pardo, a professional based London that develops a beautiful project that works with refugees and latin american communities to relight the flame of pride by of their ancestors and forefathers through the use of different materials and embroidery in the creation of many panels, shrines and so on.


In this and many other senses that this project is inserted, Sustenta Carnaval has a direct relation and is based in the 17 points of worldwide sustainability, that envisages in promoting a new practice of collecting the costumes and props of the Samba Schools and its part in the creative economy secretary of the Estate of Rio de Janeiro’s Government. Please check the list here.






The pilot project - to be developed with the community of the Cantagalo and Pavao Pavaozinho’s hills, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, in between the Copacabana and Ipanema neighbourhoods, at the NGO we are currently sorting the terms of commitment, is the model template project for the implementation of the Sustenta Carnival Project in other estates, brazilian cities and internationally.


 Through the actions of integration of the Samba Schools in partnership with public institutions, the Project Sustenta Carnaval has as target audience the groups that approach and develop the brazilian culture and the general performance and art sector spread through the world with a new way of looking to Carnival.


 The investment on the skills of the residents of the communities through the development of craft, fashion, decor techniques, photo and video, production and social media admin and engaging in activities of communication in dynamics of creation, dance and music towards the empowerment and further leadership of those involved.


Raising awareness of the communities on how to engage with the waste, respect towards the environment, generating income - production of up cycled products: eco bricks with the final non recyclable waste.







Use of espace/ refurbishment of three rooms  


Room 1-) Skills practice room / income generating and production

Room 2-) Storage/ shelving ( archive)  

Room 3-) Exhibition / Shop (sale)



Room 1 - " Apotheosis" 

Are that can be the main activities making area that hosts other sessions part of the espace schedule. 



Studio (upcycling and creation of costumes, workshops for young and adults of the community of Cantagalo and Pavão Pavãozinho)


Room 2 - " Dispersal" 


Refurbishment and setup of shelves for the full costumes and selection of materials  storage and archive ( stock room).



Room 3 - " Concentration" 

Area of display of the proposal and products available for sale ( including catalogue of the pieces, materials and costumes on the storage room via website and social media too) created through the project Sustenta Carnaval.







Reduce the impact of the waste of non recyclable residues;


repurpose of materials to make another products; 


formation of new specialised skills; 


income generation for young and adults from the communities of the project Sustenta Carnaval; 






NGO/Workspace activities


Pre Carnival

1-)  Refurbishment of the espace;

2-)  Courses of admin, costumes dismantle and re purpose/creation of new products, organisation, production of photo and video, promotion and social media  

3-) Recreational worksops: dance, music and stretch/holistic practices. 


*2 and 3 ( with brazilian and international tutors from the interchange programs)



1-) Arrival of the materials pre organised from the trucks  

2-) Storage aligned with the pre ordered sales and stablished sections

3-) Organisation of the costumes that shall be wore by the loca bloco and given back to the project after carnival. 

4-) Delivery of the pre sold costumes ( Wednesday of ashes) 



Pos Carnival

1-) Archiving of the complete costumes to be inserted on the website/social media;   

2-) Continuation of the dismatling of the costumes and props in sections ( pom- poms, plastazote, fabric, gems and so on…) insertion on website and social media with quantity and references specified;  

3-) Criation of products with the use of the materials above listed and available;   

4-) Continuous posting and sharing of the products available for sale that were developed to both sale and custom made orders through visual cohesive photoshoots created for the project.  

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